Guangxi Sunway Forestry Industry Co., Ltd.
A large and medium-sized enterprise in the business of plantation, man-made board and highly-processed products. The company has gained numerous honors, including Guangxi high and new-tech enterprise, Guangxi agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, one of Guangxi top 50 enterprise in overall economic benefit as well as the 100 forestry industry enterprise in China. The company owns three subsidiaries, two joint-stock companies and three huge production area. With the total area of 650,000 square meters and over 700 members, the company hold 1 billion assets.
Hainan Forestry CO., Ltd.
Engaged in the production and development of xyloid coal (a kind of hi-tech and environment-friendly bio-energy), the company can help alleviate ecological pressure, reduce pollution and increase energy efficiency. The company is honored as a tech-leading enterprise in the field of xyloid coal production in China, with its annual production having amounted to 100,000 tons. The company plans to expand the annual production to 500,000 tons in the next 3 years.
Lihan (Shenzhen) Thermoacoustic Technologies Co., Ltd.
This project is established with Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS. It mainly works on the application of thermoacoustic tenologies, product development , equipment manufacturing and marketing. In 2010 the company was considered new energy enterprise Shenzhen and thermocoustic engineering laboratory. The company has undertaken effectual practice in the cryocooler, solar power generator, engine and linear oscillomotor, among which the solar power generation technology has been listed by Shenzhen government as one of the important development items in Shenzhen New Energy Revitalization Plan (2009-2015).
Yunnan Shanhai Tourism Co., Ltd.
A professional company specializes in the development and construction of tourism culture. Sticking to the idea of Shanghai Mode (combining vacationing, relaxation, exploration, sport, health, recreation, shopping and folkways as one), the company is committed to developing into a one-stop, top-level and comprehensive leisure group. Boasting experienced talents and sufficient resources, Yunnan Shanhai Tourism Co., Ltd has been developing and managing several new fashioned resort projects in Lijiang and Kunming stone Forest, thus initiating a new kind of tourist industry and possessing vast potential for future development.
Iron Mine Project in Gabon Belinga
This project lies in the northeastern mountains in Gabon, with the storage of 1.13 billon tons of iron ore. The project has been invested 6 billon US dollars, planning to realize the annual production of 3.3 million tons crude ore. Gabon Belinga Iron Mine Project is developed by Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. In China., Panzhihua of Gabon. In December 2007, these three parties founded Belinga Mineral Company. This company has signed an agreement with ICG, declaring that as the fund manager, ICG established a special fund, with the goal of inviting Cics funds and other cooperative investors to inviting this case.
Hefei Chaohu International Yacht Club
This project lies in Hongshizui District, Linhe Town, Feidong Country, Hefei City, Anhui Province. It covers more than 230 hectares and costs 12` billion yuan in total. Taking the wetlands ecosystem as the core, this project aims at creating a deluxe yacht club, containing such multiple culture as Anhui characteristic culture, yacht leisure culture and wetland ecological culture. In spatial architecture, it emphasizes Taoism-to achieve nature-imitation and mutualism interaction . This project stresses the diversification and compositionality of all the function areas, making them maintain the last vitality regardless of seasons. The project plans to construct four function quarters-Cultural Industries Quarter, Wetland Garden Quarter, Tourism Leisure Quarter and Yacht Sport Quarter, thus building it into a ecological, cultural and harmony community.