Gemini Investments (Holdings)Limited
The holding company of Sino-ocean land, listed on the main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange(Stock Code:03377)
SINO PEAK ASSENT Management Co,Ltd.
Headquartered in Singapore and founded by the former chief Representative in China of Singapore TDC. The enterprise is a well-know investment institution in Singapore.
Sparx Asset Management Co., Ltd.(stock code:8739)
Ranking as Asia’s second-largest hedge fund in 2011 and managing the total assets of more than & billion US dollars. The company has set branch offices in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.
Yunnan Western Development Investment Co., Ltd.
Being one of the largest investment institutions in the west regions, the company provides service for the western development. It also serves as the investment platform for the cooperation between Yunnan and Shanghai governments.
Integration Investment Co., Ltd.(US)
Headquartered in Atlanta, USA and being a famous investment institution in Silicon Valley, the company takes charge of over 1 billion US dollars.