Shandong Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.
Founded on 26th December of 1997, Shandong Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbre. COMEQ) is a complete and integrated project-management company. Based on the philosophy of “serving our clients and developing with our clients and suppliers”, the company is engaged in the import-and- export of the machine equipment and hardwares. Besides, COMEQ join in the domestic key project constructions supported by the loans from World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Japan Bank For International Cooperation (JBIC), and the large cases developed by ICG, including design, supply, installation, testing, etc. The company is also experienced in heat and water supply, sewage treatment, highways, railways and habour constructions and managements. So far COMEQ has realized the cumulative value of more than 2 billion US dollars, including the heating project in Hohhot City and so on. Since 2001 the company has achieved 30 million squaremeters of Hohhot heat-supply, containing the heat source factory, heat supply network ( the heat exchange station included) and other subprojects. At present COMEQ has gained the contract value of over 1 billion yuan, in which the central heating network project in Datong, Shanxi Province is the key case supported by Asian Development Bank. The company takes charge of the construction of heating network (the heating exchange station included) of 23 million US dollars.
Shandong International Tendering Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1999, Shandong International Tendering Co., Ltd. is a tendering ageny with its branches all over Shandong province. Possessing the central investment bidding agent qualification as well as the A-Grade project and government procurement bidding certificates awarded respectively by MOC and MOF, the company’s annual comminssioned bidding amountes to 5 billion yuan.
Haiyang international Yacht Club Land Co., Ltd.
Founded on 12th March, 2010 and with the registered capital of 20 million Us dollars, this company is one of the subsidiaries of ICG. The company has been proceeding the Haiyang International yacht Club project, planning to construct such multiple estate forms as yacht club, private berth, yacht villa, yacht apartment and vacationing hotel, all of which cover 66.7 hectares, including 20 hectares of navigable waters and 33.35 hectares of off-the-bay waters. This yacht club project contains the outer, middle and inner harbour basins, accessible for the smooth navigation of 82% of the yachts in the world, around all the clock.
Haiyang international Yacht Club Co., Ltd.
The company is mainly in charge of the operation and management of Haiyang International Yacht Club. Adhering to the principle of “putting the privacy first, streesing clents’ security, providing individualized service”, the company manages to provide the customers and guests withthe amphibious, intergrated and personalized service, including “life with yachts, business with leisure, holiday with families, school with navigation, events organizaton” and the like. Through combing the international life styles and creating a eternity, the company has confidence in creating a world-class and full-groud harbour life.
Tsingtao Ledoplay Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2006 and sticking to the philosophy of “enriching childhood with games and fostering growth with happiness”, LEDO is the supplier of the high-end children’s palyground equipment and solutions. It provides a series of service, including design, supply, installation, etc. It has set branches in Beijing and Shanghai. With the marketing occupation of 62.5%, LEDO is the general and biggest agent in China of GameTime (a supplier of children’s equipment in the USA, with the longest history and the most sales), Eibe (the best brand od wooden children’s equipment in Germany), WickSteed (the royal-specified brand in Great Britain), Dunamo (Canada) and Vortex (Canada).
Tsingtao NU-TIDE Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1993, NU-TIDE is a private company engaged in exporting kinds of craft (including stamping, injection molding and machining work) to countries in Europe, America, Japan. The company sets its factory (conducting productassembling) in Hetao, Chengyang and a branch company in America, mainly in charge of sales and service.
Tsingtao COMEQ Industrial Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2004 and covering 80-hectare land (the first-term plant finished), COMEQ is a Sino-US joint venture. The company is devoted to the processing of children’s equipment, complete wood products, auto radiators, intercoolers, auto parts and outdoor leisure commoditities. The company has passed ISO9001:2008.
Dezhou HUALUDE Hardware Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1996, HUALUDE is a enterprise mainly conducting the production and international trade of hardwares. The company is honored as one of the key enterprises in Dezhou in the field of exporting.