Project Investment
Providing capital, management,facilities and supporting services for the bringing-in of the cross-boarder project and the developmennt of municipal infrastructure projects, real estate projects, hi-tech projects and enterprises.
Project Management
Through investment or accepting delegation and by virtue of our management elites and capital resources, we output advanced experience, mode and ideas to the enterprises, thus helping them participate in the market competition with a formal image.
Through the cooperation with the famous research and design institutions as well as those experienced management organizations, we proceed the BOT and its derivative operations on the public facilities.
With advanced ideas, we provide design, construction and management for projects , serving the whole society.
Merging and Reorganization
We provide capital and solutions for the aged state-owned enterprises and the moribund companies, to foster their merging and reorganization.
Service for Enterprises
We provide a synstematic and full-scale solutions,including consultation, training and relative service, for the company’s improvement, human resources allocation, fund-raising, financial affairs and facilities.
Feasibility Analysis
We can help to conduct the feasibility analysis, and compose the business plan, project proposal and feasibility report.
Marketing Service
We seek for Chinese manufacturers, negotiation, purchasing and transportation for the foreign clients, and search international customers or technical support for the producers in China.